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  • What are the costs involved if I’m offered a position on an ADF team?

    ADF believes that money should not be a barrier for any player to participate. Limited financial aid is available and we continue to look for sponsors to help support our mission to make ADF soccer possible-regardless of financial situation.

    • INICIADO Academy ( 2015 and younger ) – $1600
    • Junior Academy (2014-2011) – $1800
    • Senior Academy (2011-2005) – $1700

In addition, there is a $50 fee per player for an OYSA player card Fees may be paid if full or you may choose a payment plan.

The payment plan requires a $400 down payment with four additional equal monthly payments due at July 1, August 1, September 1 and October 1. Players that join in the middle of the season will receive a prorated fee from the start of their participation.

Club fees cover field costs, coaches, insurance (player and coach), registration in Fall, Spring and/or Winter leagues (age dependent), State Cup, equipment and administrative expenses.

Fees DO NOT include: uniforms, summer tournaments, additional tournaments, coach travel to league games over 60 miles, travel or futsal.

By accepting this position on the team, you are accepting responsibility for the full fees whether you complete the full year or not. Your player will not be released until all financial obligations are met. Players who are not current with payment may not be allowed to participate in club activities, training games etc. If you have any questions regarding payment, please email

BALANCE DUE ACCOUNTS: Returning players that have a balance on their account, will need to pay in full prior to committing and beginning the fall season.

REFUND POLICY: We do not offer refunds, except in cases of season-ending injuries. Per Oregon Youth Soccer Association guidelines, clubs are instructed not to release players until all financial obligations have been settled. That also includes scholarship players.

UNIFORM: All Players are required to purchase the following ADF branded items:

• Both a home and an away game kit each consisting of a jersey, shorts and socks

• Training kit consisting of a jersey, shorts and socks

• Warm-up jacket and pants

• Backpack

Game uniforms are updated every two years. Training kits, warm-ups and backpacks are updated as needed.

  • Does ADF offer a payment plan?

    Once a player accepts their position on the team, they will need to either pay in full or setup a payment plan by submitting their initial deposit. ADF offers the flexibility of either a quarterly payment plan. If you have any questions about fees or payment plans please email the ADF registrar.

  • What does the team player fee include?

    U7-U11 Program: Training 2 times per week with a team coach, Fall and Spring leagues, training and game field rentals, coaching equipment, registration and administrative expenses.

    U12-U15 Program: Train 2-3 times per week with a team coach, Fall and Spring leagues, training and game field rentals, coaching equipment, registration and administrative expenses.

         U16-U19 Program: Train 2-3 times per week with a team coach, Fall and Spring leagues, training and game field rentals, coaching equipment, registration and administrative expenses. Players at u17 and u18 will have opportunities to train along side our Men’s affiliated team trough out the year.

  •  What is the cost of the Uniform Kit?

    Uniforms: Includes, warm-ups (pants and jacket), game kits (home and away), training kit and backpack. New players are encouraged to buy the entire kit. Please discuss minimum requirements with us should you elect to purchase individual items. ADF is currently outfitted by ICONE Sports a Brazilian Sports apparel company. Uniforms fees will be sent to indvidual players once they have joined the club.

  • What does the team player fee not include?

    Tournaments, travel expenses (and shared coach travel expenses) and optional futsal.

    Tournaments and Travel:
    U8 to U10 – Most age groups participate in local tournaments over the summer. The cost associated with the tournament and travel is around $50 per player tournament.

    U11 to U19 – Due to the competitive level of our teams, most will travel to tournaments out of state. By accepting a position on the team, families need to be aware and prepared for the costs associated with these tournaments.
    Costs include: transportation, registration, hotel, food, share of coach travel costs.

    To assist in planning, the following are estimates for different types of tournaments:

    Travel by Plane: Approximately $1,000/player (tournament registration, air fare, hotel, food, share of coach travel costs). Most teams will likely travel to at least one such tournaments per year. High school age teams may travel more due to college showcase tournaments to assist with recruiting opportunities.

    Travel by Car: Approximately $500/player. Most teams will attend at least one such tournament per year.

    Payments for tournaments and travel will be required to Team Accounts. Your team manager and treasurer will facilitate and communicate requirements. Fundraising is available to help cover required costs.

  • When are tryouts (trials)?

    See tryout pages for detailed information:

  • Where are the tryout (trial) locations?

    See tryout pages for detailed information:

  • What if I can’t make the tryouts (trials)?

    Players that miss the official tryout will need to contact ADF and arrange time to be evaluated by a staff coach (additional fee may apply).

  • Does ADF have teams for boys and girls?

    ADF has both boys and girls teams. Can girls play on teams year in the past we have allowed girls to participate with boy. We will continue to give opportunities to those who are able to handle playing with boys.

  • What is the Futeboltraining Academy and is it part of ADF?

    The Futeboltraining Academy is open to all players 6 years and older looking to improve their individual technical abilities and touch. The Futeboltraining Academy is affiliated with ADF, but they are not the same organization. Many of the same exceptional coaches perform sessions at the Futeboltraining Academy.  If you are interested you can learn more here.

  • What league(s) does ADF compete in?

    ADF competes in the top premier league in the state run by the Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) and Northwest Conference Leagues. We also participate in other local leagues for the younger age groups.

  • What are ADF’s coaching staff qualifications?

    Many of the ADF coaches have played professional soccer internationally and still play in semi-pro or top amateur leagues. In addition to having outstanding playing experience, every ADF coach is trained on ADF’s proprietary player development curriculum and must meet a minimum educational standard. All ADF coaches have gone through a background check. ADF hosts clinics and training sessions throughout the year that involve current professionals and international guest coaches who work with the ADF team and academy players. ADF follows the guidelines of USYS and is committed to a safe and positive experience for every player.

  • What opportunities does ADF provide for international training?

    ADF has relationships established with several top clubs in Brazil and Europe. These relationships allow for player exchanges and training trips which provide US players the opportunity to experience soccer (football) at the highest level. International training can range from several weeks to longer term boarding / residency programs. Contact the ADF front office for further details.

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