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Camps and Tournaments

Futsal Academy

Futsal is a valuable addition to a player’s training regime. Many of the world’s best soccer players started off playing futsal and credit futsal for aiding in their development. Futsal requires players to be creative and adept at maneuvering in tight spaces.

Players also get many more touches which is ideal for their development. ADF provides players with futsal specific skill development and competes in premier winter leagues around the Portland metro area.

Training Academy

Futeboltraining is a year round training program open to all boys and girl players 6 years and older that would like to improve their technical skills. The academy focuses on ball mastery, fitness, coordination and help build player confidence. Register today to Learn The Technique, Learn The Art.

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Camps and Clinics

During Spring and Summer Breaks come train with the best and take your game to a new level. Many of the area's best youth players are already training with Academia de Futeboltraining (ADF). Now it's your chance to join them and play soccer the Futeboltraining way!

Participants learn moves and ball handling skills that will make them quicker and more creative players. ADF's approach builds a player's confidence by challenging them to learn not only moves and techniques, but to develop their own unique style and flair. Participants will find the experience both fun and rewarding as they learn to play the game from an entirely new perspective.


ADF chooses to participate in only a few select local, regional and national tournaments that expose players to the highest level of competition. Playing in a large number of tournaments is counterproductive to player development. ADF believes that players should spend the majority of their time training and recovering.

Far too often players are exposed to endless matches, especially during the summer tournament season. This can be detrimental to a player’s body and development because they don’t get sufficient time to recover. By carefully selecting the tournaments in which to participate, ADF achieves the optimal balance of training, competing and recovering.

Aspiring Collegiate and Professional players

Agency representation

ADF is dedicated to helping players achieve their goals. Whether a player has their sights set on a college scholarship or professional playing career, ADF provides the support and guidance they need.

In order to assist aspiring professionals, ADF has a partnership with Marcar Sports, a professional agency established in 1997 by Mauro Azevedo in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Marcar Sports represents players as they navigate the complex world of professional soccer. Players represented by Marcar Sports have signed with numerous international clubs including a recent signing with French top division club AS Monaco.


ADF understands that being identified by college and professional coaches and scouts is critical for players to achieve their goals. Far too often players travel to far away camps and tournaments "hoping" to be seen by the “right” coach or scout only to return disappointed. ADF works with players to help them develop their portfolio which includes a playing resume (CV) and video footage.

Players consult with established coaches and agents to position themselves for success. Frequently ADF determines that a player should improve their resume by adding some international training and playing experience. ADF has the relationships to make this happen. ADF also sends scouts to observe its own academy players in action to provide them with feedback and guidance.


ADF is committed to supporting and giving back to the communities in which it operates. Throughout the year ADF provides camps for underrepresented youth and lends support to organizations and events that make our world a better place to live.

Barefoot Tournament

This annual event is a celebration of the beautiful game and local community. Participants play soccer the way it’s played in many parts of the world; barefoot. In addition to playing soccer, players, parents and fans can enjoy a carnival, live music and tasty food. All proceeds from the event benefit Grassroots Soccer.

Grassroots Soccer is a non-profit organization that uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV. Over 630,000 adolescents and teens have graduated from its programs in 16 African countries.

International Programs

Brazil Exchange

ADF has established relationships with several top soccer organizations in Brazil. Every year ADF arranges for players to travel to Brazil to train and compete. Players can go individually or travel as part of an ADF led group. While in Brazil players learn from top club coaches, train and compete with outstanding youth players and explore the vibrant culture that makes Brazil so special.

Europe Exchange

ADF is in the process of establishing a relationship with a top European club. This relationship will give ADF players the opportunity to train alongside top European players and learn from accomplished international coaches. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting development!

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