We are excited to announce our coaching staff for the 2023/2024 soccer season. Our diverse team of coaches brings something unique that most clubs in Portland don’t have, both internationally and nationally experienced coaches. Our coaches come to us from all over the globe: Africa, South America, Latin America, Asia and the United States. All ADF coaches have their coaching licenses and certificates. Our coaching staff is 100 percent committed to soccer and unlike many other clubs, it is their primary work.

We are committed to developing players who are both skilled and creative, and who can quickly make the right decisions in any game situation. Our coaching philosophies and styles are similar and we all share a common goal: we want our players to be comfortable on the ball.

ADF 2005 Boys – Joaquim Capuia | Jorge Rios-Nogales |Grazieddio Gathogo Osimbo

ADF 2006B – Jorge Rios-Nogales | Joaquim Capuia | Grazieddio Gathogo Osimbo

ADF 2007B – Joaquim Capuia | Grazieddio Gathogo Osimbo | Joaquim Capuia

ADF 2008B – Victor usher Garcette

ADF 2009B – Victor usher Garcette | Oscar Palestan

ADF 2010B – Carlos Pantoja | Victor Usher Garcette

ADF 2012B – Jorge Rios-Nogales

ADF 2013B – Joaquim Capuia 

ADF 2014B – Grazieddio Gathogo Osimbo

ADF 2008G – Carlos Pantoja | Gustavo Lopez

ADF 2009G – Carlos Pantoja  

ADF 2010G – Gustavo Lopez Paramo

Goal Keeper -Tommy Nunez